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How To Do A Soccer Volley

How To Do A Soccer Volley

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Full Volley and Half Volley

A soccer volley can actually be one of the harder things to perform and perfect in your soccer game. This training video is specifically about the full volley. A full volley is essentially taking the ball straight out of the air, compared to a half volley where you allow the ball to bounce once.

Line The Ball Up Under Your Knee

Be sure to align the ball below you knee, otherwise the ball will fly away from you – definitely not the right way to do a soccer volley.

The importance of learning how to do a soccer volley correctly is gaining the skill of low-driving your kicks.
Not every shot needs to fly up into the air where everyone of the defenders may have a chance to steal it.

Practice Precision Before Power

Have someone else throw the ball towards you in order to really practice the timing. It’s easy to practice timing when you are dropping the ball yourself. It can be much more difficult and realistic to practice this while someone else controls the timing.

Needless to say, this will take a lot of practice. It may seem simple at first, but the real challenge is getting total control over this technique and becoming perfectly accurate with it.

You should be able to practice to the point that you can do a soccer volley at full speed, full power, uncontrolled timing, and perfectly hit your target from a long distance – even arcing over the heads of defenders.

This is a technique that you should spend hours on, but don’t get frustrated by how far your skill may need to go. Focus instead on the individual points of how to do a soccer volley and soon enough all of the pieces will come together perfectly.

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How To Do A Single Scissors In Soccer

How To Do A Single Scissors In Soccer

How To Do A Single Scissors In Soccer

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Do It Slow To Learn The Rythm

Nothing could be more embarrassing than losing the ball to a defender simply because you messed up a trick.
With that said, it makes it all the more important to start slowly to perfect your muscle memory.
Take how to do a single scissors step by step… literally.

Outside, Touch, Stop

Outside, touch, stop… 1,2,3…1,2,3…
This is the simple pattern you can repeat over and over to yourself as you practice.
By doing this, you begin to instill a sense of confident rhythm to your scissors.
Practice exactly how to do a single scissors until you no longer think about counting the rhythm. If you can practice this much, on both sides of your body, you should easily outmaneuver most defenders.

The 5-7 Yards Rule

It can be tempting to run straight at the defender and fake them out at the last possible moment, however it is important to maintain about 5-7 yards of space before executing this maneuver. The strategy behind a scissors is to make your opponent throw their body weight one direction while you go the other. If the defender is already too close, this will not matter as they can still take the ball.
On top of this, you really have to SELL IT, otherwise no one will fall for it. Put your emotion and intention seemingly behind the first step and your defender will have no choice but to jump towards you. After that, you will already be heading the other direction.

Explode Away From The Defender

As a final thought, you must take the chance to bolt as far away from the defender as you can after performing your scissors. Otherwise, they will catch up and you will be right where you started.

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Keep practicing!

How To Do A Soccer Throw In

How To Do A Soccer Throw In

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The soccer throw in is one of the more simple techniques, but did you know it can be the difference between your team scoring the next goal or not?

Knowing the basics of this simple technique makes all the difference.

Remember these 4 tips:

1) You Can’t Lift Up Your Feet

Sure, there are ways around this and ways to make the best out of your body mechanics, but none of those ways involve jumping or looking like an idiot.

The ball must start behind your neck and finish in front of you. Many beginners make the mistake of starting the ball in front of their face, but this is not allowed.

2) Use The “W” Hand Formation

Just like a goalie, someone throwing in a soccer ball should make a “W” with their hands in order to get the most surface area for their throw. Simply holding the ball the right way can drastically improve your throw.

3) Drag Your Feet

When you get better at throwing standing still, you will want to try taking a step towards the line in order to increase your momentum. This allows you to torque your body into your throw to increase your power.

Just like in kicking, passing, or aiming for the goal, your first step on your non-kicking foot should always be moving forward. This adds to your general power and enables you to put more into the movement.

4) Throw the Ball At Your Teammate’s Feet

This sounds like common sense, but it matters quite a bit. Habit from day to day life may compel us to throw things where people can catch it with their hands, but in soccer we use our feet – the target is your teammate’s feet.

Think about this as you’re throwing and you’ll see how much faster the ball moves towards the goal.

Everything comes back to the fundamentals!

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How To Bend A Soccer Ball

How To Bend A Soccer Ball


Curving VS Bending

Curving the ball, generally speaking, is to manipulate the ball in order to make it move from one side of a flight path into another. This is all horizontal.
On the other hand, to bend a soccer ball is to make it go both slightly to one side or another and also from the top of a flight path downward.

To start, come at the ball on a 45 degree angle and hit the ball with your foot parallel to the field. This alone will not bend the ball, but makes the next part much easier.

When your foot comes into contact with the ball, allow your foot to slide over and graze the top of the ball. Doing this will create a top-spin effect and really make the ball bend downward near the end of its flight.

From Bottom To Top

In order to create this difference in flight, it’s important how you address the ball. Pay attention to at what angle your foot comes in contact with the ball.
While curving the ball requires you to kick the ball in the middle using the side of your foot, bending comes from kicking the ball starting at the bottom and sliding over the top for the follow-through creating a top spin.

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Back Up As You Master It

As you get better and better, you may want to try bending at farther and farther distances. While bending close may be more difficult, it is important to start close and master aiming.

Over time, you should back up from the goal until you can bend like the pros.┬áStart at the 6 yard line, then go to the 12 yard line, and then back to the 22 yard line. Soon enough, you’ll have the technique mastered.

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How To Do An Around The World

How To Do An Around The World

Practice to Balance First

In order to balance the ball in preparation for an around the world, balance the ball first on the top of your foot, then slowly transition it to the side.
By doing this, you’re reducing the range of motion required to get the ball around the world. (It’s a long way, after all…)

Excusing the pun, this article is meant to be a good introduction into doing this difficult trick. If you’re having trouble, try remembering these focus points and gradually improving the trick over time.

Here’s a video to get you started on how to do an around the world:

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One Range of Motion

Remember that if the ball goes straight up, instead of around, you have probably not balanced the ball far enough to the side of your foot. This trick is done in one fluid motion, so try letting the ball drop more while adding a tiny bit more spin off of your foot.

By doing this, you increase the ball’s ability to arc around your leg. This may sound like more work, but it actually creates less of a motion. By staying relaxed and relying more on positioning, you give yourself a better chance at pulling it off.

Use the Backspin To Help You Juggle It Out

The backspin off of the around the world gives you a greater level of control to do it again without dropping it. After all, the only thing better than doing an around the world once is being able to do it twice!

This backspin enables you to keep control of the ball and even transition easily into other tricks.

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