How To Bend A Soccer Ball
Posted on: October 7, 2016, by : wesgr800
bend a soccer ball

How To Bend A Soccer Ball


Curving VS Bending

Curving the ball, generally speaking, is to manipulate the ball in order to make it move from one side of a flight path into another. This is all horizontal.
On the other hand, to bend a soccer ball is to make it go both slightly to one side or another and also from the top of a flight path downward.

To start, come at the ball on a 45 degree angle and hit the ball with your foot parallel to the field. This alone will not bend the ball, but makes the next part much easier.

When your foot comes into contact with the ball, allow your foot to slide over and graze the top of the ball. Doing this will create a top-spin effect and really make the ball bend downward near the end of its flight.

From Bottom To Top

In order to create this difference in flight, it’s important how you address the ball. Pay attention to at what angle your foot comes in contact with the ball.
While curving the ball requires you to kick the ball in the middle using the side of your foot, bending comes from kicking the ball starting at the bottom and sliding over the top for the follow-through creating a top spin.

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Back Up As You Master It

As you get better and better, you may want to try bending at farther and farther distances. While bending close may be more difficult, it is important to start close and master aiming.

Over time, you should back up from the goal until you can bend like the pros.┬áStart at the 6 yard line, then go to the 12 yard line, and then back to the 22 yard line. Soon enough, you’ll have the technique mastered.

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