How To Do A Soccer Throw In
Posted on: October 7, 2016, by : wesgr800
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How To Do A Soccer Throw In

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The soccer throw in is one of the more simple techniques, but did you know it can be the difference between your team scoring the next goal or not?

Knowing the basics of this simple technique makes all the difference.

Remember these 4 tips:

1) You Can’t Lift Up Your Feet

Sure, there are ways around this and ways to make the best out of your body mechanics, but none of those ways involve jumping or looking like an idiot.

The ball must start behind your neck and finish in front of you. Many beginners make the mistake of starting the ball in front of their face, but this is not allowed.

2) Use The “W” Hand Formation

Just like a goalie, someone throwing in a soccer ball should make a “W” with their hands in order to get the most surface area for their throw. Simply holding the ball the right way can drastically improve your throw.

3) Drag Your Feet

When you get better at throwing standing still, you will want to try taking a step towards the line in order to increase your momentum. This allows you to torque your body into your throw to increase your power.

Just like in kicking, passing, or aiming for the goal, your first step on your non-kicking foot should always be moving forward. This adds to your general power and enables you to put more into the movement.

4) Throw the Ball At Your Teammate’s Feet

This sounds like common sense, but it matters quite a bit. Habit from day to day life may compel us to throw things where people can catch it with their hands, but in soccer we use our feet – the target is your teammate’s feet.

Think about this as you’re throwing and you’ll see how much faster the ball moves towards the goal.

Everything comes back to the fundamentals!

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