How To Do A Single Scissors In Soccer
Posted on: October 8, 2016, by : wesgr800
how to do a single scissors in soccer

How To Do A Single Scissors In Soccer

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Do It Slow To Learn The Rythm

Nothing could be more embarrassing than losing the ball to a defender simply because you messed up a trick.
With that said, it makes it all the more important to start slowly to perfect your muscle memory.
Take how to do a single scissors step by step… literally.

Outside, Touch, Stop

Outside, touch, stop… 1,2,3…1,2,3…
This is the simple pattern you can repeat over and over to yourself as you practice.
By doing this, you begin to instill a sense of confident rhythm to your scissors.
Practice exactly how to do a single scissors until you no longer think about counting the rhythm. If you can practice this much, on both sides of your body, you should easily outmaneuver most defenders.

The 5-7 Yards Rule

It can be tempting to run straight at the defender and fake them out at the last possible moment, however it is important to maintain about 5-7 yards of space before executing this maneuver. The strategy behind a scissors is to make your opponent throw their body weight one direction while you go the other. If the defender is already too close, this will not matter as they can still take the ball.
On top of this, you really have to SELL IT, otherwise no one will fall for it. Put your emotion and intention seemingly behind the first step and your defender will have no choice but to jump towards you. After that, you will already be heading the other direction.

Explode Away From The Defender

As a final thought, you must take the chance to bolt as far away from the defender as you can after performing your scissors. Otherwise, they will catch up and you will be right where you started.

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Keep practicing!

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